Your Prosperity – When making the biggest financial decision of your life, Your prosperity is here to make sure you prosper


Your Prosperity is in essence a site designed to create opportunities for individuals navigating the minefield that is purchasing a property. Beyond just finding the right lender, clients are offered full email, telephone and even face to face support when necessary to make sure they make the right financial decisions with a 24 hour response policy.

Not only this, we have taken this same technology to the those in the field, streamlining the brokering of sales and purchases for their client. This is where Your Prosperity for introducers comes in. An estate agent may have a chosen broker they deal with or allow their clients to source their own mortgage but what if there was a third option? Your Prosperity gives estate agents the chance to get an agreement in principle for their customers in under 5 minutes. By filling out a simple 10 step form you can have an AIP back to the client as soon as the form is complete. This, integrated as a mortgage calculator on an agency’s website is already a huge benefit, keeping potential customers on site and increasing an agency’s online conversions but also as an in house fact finder for customers ready to make the deal.

Your Prosperity wants to make sure that everyone who deals with them prospers, for this reason, every lead that is generated from each introducer is automatically tracked. and every clear mortgage application will yield a commission for the introducer agency of £150.
The benefits are clear and there are no hidden costs at all, why not integrate Your Prosperity into your sales funnel today and maximise your profits as well as your overall customer experience.