Quick mortgage application

Quick mortgage application

Applying for a mortgage needn’t be a headache – if you understand your financial position (income, approximate monthly outgoings, idea of credit score) you can apply online or over the phone, provided you can supply the necessary paperwork following a provisional decision.

If you’re uncertain about your credit rating it’s a good idea to register with a credit reference agency first. There are paid and free services available, either directly with the agencies themselves or with credit brokers who can access your reports. Otherwise, our advisors are able to run a soft check prior to making hard applications, and these won’t show up on your credit rating.

With just one, quick mortgage application we are able to search the market for the best available deals for you, based on your unique information. In very little time we can tell you: which lenders will accept your application, the total amount they will offer you, your monthly repayments, the APR rate and the total amount due over the mortgage duration.

Once you have this information you can compare your various offers, consider the costs and other factors for your decision, and pick the product most suitable for your needs.

Applying directly to individual lenders directly can be an arduous process, taking a huge amount of time with sometimes confusing information and results. Not only that, you may not have access to the best available deals. Brokers aggregate deals from multiple lenders for a quick yes or no. While many traditional brokerage firms offer this for a fee, Your Prosperity offer this service free of charge.

All our advisors are [insert] accredited and have several years’ experience within the mortgage industry.