Online mortgages

Online mortgages

Online mortgages are a convenient way to secure finance for a house purchase, removing the need for time consuming face to face meetings with lenders or mortgage brokers while still granting access to the available deals on the market and financial expertise.

Why apply online?

Buying a property is a time-consuming business, with many steps required before becoming a homeowner. Cutting out long face to face meetings or telephone calls means you can focus on other tasks that undoubtedly require your time. Online mortgage applications require filling in some key information and forms, and can return an initial answer even without the need to speak with someone in person first.

Although you can apply for a mortgage online directly, it is still sensible to deal with a mortgage broker who can assist you with the process. A broker can advise and also give you access to multiple lenders, rather than applying to one at a time (multiple credit applications can have an adverse effect on your credit score).

Our online mortgage applications are designed to be easy to access, quick and convenient, however we always have available financial advisors who can discuss any part of your application, either online or over the telephone.

Unlike a phone call or meeting, online mortgage applications can be saved at any point and returned to, so you don’t waste any time re-inputting information. This means you can carry on with your application whenever it’s a good time for you, rather than needing to block out set amount of times for it, which could require securing childcare or time off work.